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V. Lost / Damaged Passport

V. Lost / Damaged Passport

  • Complete the Consular Service Registration Form
  • Provide a cover letter or email explaining how the passport was lost/damaged
  • Include a Police Report in the event of a lost Passport
  • Include a copy of the lost/damaged passports (if possible)
  • Include a copy of Palestinian Identity (if available), or any other identification e.g. driving license.
  • Provide a copy of Residency /Visa
  • Include Four JP certified photos of the applicant on a blue or light blue background, as per the size required for Australian passports (click here for further details)
  • Complete and sign the following passport Form:
  1.  Application Form for Renewal of Passport
  • Damaged passport must be attached to the application to ensure they are revoked permanently.

Forward these documents to the Consular Section of the General Delegation of Palestine, P.O Box: 4646, Kingston, ACT 2604 using an Australia/NZ Post Express envelope. You must enclose a self-addressed Australia/NZ Post Express envelope, for the return of the documents to the applicant.

These documents will be certified and returned to the applicant. The applicant is responsible for forwarding the approved documents directly to the Consular Section of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs in Ramallah with a payment of USD 140 via Western Union to the following person in charge.

Counsellor Atef Abu Asbeh
Head of Consular Section/Palestinian Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Tel:      +9722943140/41/42
Mobile: +972597309222

Email: / aasbeh@MOFA.PNA.PS

Current costs for the direct issuing of a passport are:

  • Issuing Fee: 65.00 USD
  • Secure return courier: 75.00 USD

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