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Commemoration of Land Day

Commemoration of Land Day

31 March 2017 in 2017
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Every year on 30 March, Palestinians demonstrate their resistance to the Israeli seizure of Palestinian land through the commemoration of Land Day.

During the first Land Day in 1976, Palestinians in Israel protested against the Israeli seizure of 2,000 hectares of Palestinian land in the Galilee. Six Palestinian protestors were killed and 100 were injured as Israeli forces sought to suppress the protests.

The commemoration of Land Day is a source of unification between Palestinians within Israel, those within Occupied Palestinian Territories, and diaspora Palestinians; who have all experienced the loss of land in some form.

Palestinians in the West Bank are denied access to large swathes of their own land due to the Israeli military occupation and the illegal Israeli settlement project. Over 10% of land in the West Bank is isolated due to the construction of the Israeli Separation Wall. More than 700,000 Israeli settlers now live in the West Bank (including East Jerusalem), which continues to grow as the construction of more than 6,000 new settlement units has been announced already in 2017.

The continuous seizure of Palestinian land for the construction of Israeli settlements is in blatant violation of international law, reaffirmed most recently in United Nations Security Council Resolution 2334.

The unified resistance of Palestinians against the theft of their land is demonstrated on Land Day in the solidarity between Palestinians in Israel, Palestine, and the diaspora. All Palestinians will continue to struggle for their right to self-determinatio

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