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Embassy Activities

Embassy Activities

The IDOL film screened in Canberra

22 July 2016 in 2016

Australians for Justice and Peace in Palestine (AJPP) has shown the idol Film in Canberra. The "Idol" describes the mountainous journey of Mohammad Assaf (Arab Idol in the year 2014) from Gaza strip to Cairo to participate in the Arab Idol competition.

Egyptian Cultural Night in Canberra

20 July 2016 in 2016

On July 19, The Egyptian Embassy has organized a cultural night in Canberra attended by representatives from the International and Arab Diplomatic Corps, Australian officials, civil society organizations, Egyptian and Arab communities in addition to a wider Australian audience.

Wishing you all a Happy Eid

04 July 2016 in 2016

Dear Palestinian Community Members.  My colleagues and I, at the Embassy of the State of Palestine, would like to extend to you and your families our warm congratulations on the occasion of Eid El Fitr. 

Fundraising Iftar to support Gaza Families

30 June 2016 in 2016

Al Aqsa Society in Sydney has organized Iftar Charity for the families in Gaza on June 26. The event attended by the Palestinian Ambassador, Izzat Abdulhadi, Palestinian community leaders and families from Palestinian community in Sydney.

The Palestinian Center for Peace in Adelaide

22 June 2016 in 2016

The Palestinian Ambassador Izzat Abdulhadi has visited the newly established Palestinian Center For Peace in Adelaide. It contains Palestinian embroideries, handcrafts and other Palestinian heritage items. It also contains a valuable documents and books of the Palestinian history and culture.

Peace and Dialogue Iftar Dinner at Queensland Parliament

16 June 2016 in 2016

The Queensland Intercultural Society has organized Iftar dinner at the QLD Parliament on June 15 under the theme "promoting peace and dialogue among all elements of the Australian wider Society".  The Iftar was attended by the Premier of  Queensland, Members of Parliament, representatives from various faiths, academics among others. 

Social Harmony Iftar Dinner in Canberra

09 June 2016 in 2016

Invited by Bluestar Intercultural Center in Canberra, Ambassador Izzat Abdulhadi has participated in the Annual  Bluestar’s Social Harmony Iftar Dinner. Being part of the tradition, this annual event has been co-hosted by Bluestar Intercultural Centre and the Australian Centre for Christianity and Culture. 

Fundraising for Fiji's Cyclone, disaster relief

30 May 2016 in 2016

The High Commission of Fiji has organized a fundraising dinner on Friday, May 27 in Canberra attended by a large number of the diplomatic corps representatives, civil society organizations, Australian officials and community leaders to raise funds for the people of the Republic of Fiji.

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Embassy Activities