Palestinian imports from New Zealand have grown to become a substantial portion of total Palestinian foreign imports. Figure 3 shows the relative stability of these imports until 2013, followed by a sharp increase in 2014 to a high of almost US$1.2 million. Two major commodities imported into Palestine from New Zealand in 2014 were aluminium and prepared meats, accounting for 40.6% and 24.8% (respectively) of net imports from New Zealand. Palestine hopes to further strengthen economic ties with New Zealand by increasing the amount and variety of goods being imported from New Zealand. 

Figure 3. Net Annual Palestinian Imports from New Zealand

NZ Imports Graph 2


Palestinian exports to New Zealand have grown exponentially in recent years to become a considerable portion of total Palestinian foreign exports. Figure 4 shows the large and consistent increase in these exports from 2008 to reach a high of $US 370,000 in 2014. Two major commodities exported from Palestine to New Zealand in 2014 were “fruits and nuts” and olive oil, accounting for 77.3% and 12.9% (respectively) of net exports to New Zealand. In coming years, Palestine hopes to continue the recent levels of growth and expand the variety of goods being exported to New Zealand.  

Figure 4. Net Annual Palestinian Exports to New Zealand

NZ Exports Graph 2


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