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Press Releases

Press Releases


Israel’s Escalating Ethnic Cleansing, Settlements, and Annexation Measures - January 18

Urgent Call to Free Hisham Abu Hawash from Administrative Detention - January 4


International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People - November 29

Palestinian Independence Day - November 15

Israel’s Attacks on Palestinian Civil Society - October 25

Scott Morrison Pledges to Adopt the IHRA Working Definition of Antisemitism - October 15

Israeli Government’s Collective Punishment of Palestinian Prisoners - September 9

Albanese’s Statements on Israeli Apartheid - July 21

Ceasefire Announced - May 21

Israeli Assaults on Gaza Strip and Violations of Palestinian human rights - May 19

Israeli Assaults on Jerusalem and Gaza - May 12

Israel’s Forced Evictions and Attacks on Palestinian Worshippers During Ramadan - May 11

Palestinian Legislative and Presidential Elections Postponed - May 3

Israeli Violations Against Palestinians in Occupied East Jerusalem - April 27

Israeli Demolition of Palestinian Community Khirbet Humsa al-Foqa in the Northern Jordan Valley - Feb 5


Israel approves the construction of thousands of housing units in its illegal settlements in the occupied Palestinian territories - October 16

72 Years of Ongoing Nakba - May 13

Israeli illegal annexation plan for West Bank settlements, Jordan Valley and North of the Dead Sea - May 1



PM Scott Morrison's comments on Israel and the United Nations, September 25

The Ambassador’s statement regarding the recent developments in East Jerusalem, 26 July


Australian recognition of West Jerusalem as Israel's capital, 15 December

Potential move of the Australian embassy to Jerusalem, 16 October

Withdrawal of Australian aid to the Palestinian Authority, 3 July

Australia’s voting at the 28th Special Session of the UNHRC, 21 May

Australian Muslims and Christians Denied Entry to Israel for Conference on Jerusalem, 13 April

Australia's voting at the 37th session of the UNHRC, 28 March


Paris peace conference: Renewing hope for a two-state solution - January 12

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Solidarity Day for Palestinians in Israel - January 30

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Sgt Elor Azaria convicted of the crime of occupation - January 5

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International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian Citizens of Israel, A call for the International Community to respond to Israeli incitement against its minority Palestinian population - January 30

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