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Identical Letter from the Permanent Observer Mission of the State of Palestine to the United Nations: Stop the Forced Transfer of Palestinian Civilians

09 February 2024 in 2024

Today, the Israeli Prime Minister announced that he has commanded the Israeli occupying forces to “evacuate the population” in Rafah and to destroy the “battalions” that Israel claims are present there. The manifestation of these dangerous threats is upon us as, undeterred, Israel pushes forward with its criminal plans to once again force the Palestinian people out of their land.

Statement on Australia’s Decision to Pause Funding to UNRWA

29 January 2024 in 2024

In response to the Australian government's deeply disappointing and regrettable decision to pause disbursement of recent funding to UNRWA, which will have dire implications for over 5.9 million Palestinian refugees across the region and especially in the Gaza Strip, where over 2 million desperate, besieged, and starving people are dependent on UNRWA’s humanitarian work for their very survival.

Statement: Punitive Measures Against UNRWA

29 January 2024 in 2024

The State of Palestine expresses its shock and dismay at the punitive measures announced in recent days by several States against UNRWA. These harmful decisions come not only in a time of unprecedented crisis for Palestine refugees, but in the midst of a humanitarian catastrophe being suffered by all the Palestine refugees in the Gaza Strip, for whom UNRWA has literally been the only lifeline.

PM Shtayyeh calls for resuming funding for UNRWA

28 January 2024 in 2024

Prime Minister Mohammad Shtayyeh today called on the countries that announced their temporary freeze of new financial assistance for UNRWA, the primary provider of humanitarian assistance to people in Gaza, to reverse their decision.

100 days of horror, destruction and displacement

14 January 2024 in 2024

In the wake of a hundred days marked by relentless killings, destruction, and despair, Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu refuses to halt the war on Gaza. Facing charges of genocide by the International Court of Justice, Netanyahu defiantly declares, "No one will stop us, neither The Hague nor anyone else."

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