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ACT National Multicultural Festival

ACT National Multicultural Festival

Multicultural fest.

The Palestinian Embassy recently participated in the Annual ACT Multicultural Festival to introduce to the public the vibrant culture and heritage of Palestine. Attended by a number of Embassies across Australia and cultural organisations in Canberra the day proved to be a great success.

Held on the 13th of February, the festival saw attendees visit the Embassy’s  stall to view and purchase traditional Palestinian embroidery and food such as olive oil, Frikeh, Maftoul, and Za’tar. A mini exhibition of famous Palestinian paintings from well-known artists such as Sliman Mansour, Nabil Anani, Ismail Shammout, Vera Tamari and Tayseer Barakat was also on display. The Palestinian paintings reflect the emotions associated with Palestinian life under Occupation, and Palestinian steadfastness to achieve self-determination through non-violent resistance.

The festival provided the Palestinian community and guests the opportunity to celebrate Palestinian heritage and culture. 

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