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Ambassador's Address

Ambassador's Address

Izzat 3

In line with the Embassy’s organisational and institutional development, staff conducted a strategic planning workshop in early February, to develop an annual plan for the year 2016.

The annual plan for 2016 has been drafted according to the Embassy’s mission “to provide diplomatic representation, to foster constructive and positive bilateral and multilateral relationships, and to raise government and public awareness of Palestinian history, society and current political realities”.

The Embassy’s program for 2016 focuses on four key programs:

  1. Diplomatic Engagement (Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Countries)
  2. Consular Services
  3. Effective and Efficient Communication with various stakeholders
  4. Institutional, organizational and human resource development

The Embassy has begun working on the four programs, and is calling for the public to provide suggestions and feedback.

During its course of implementation and in addition to our focus on strategic diplomatic engagement with the Australian, New Zealand and Pacific governments, the Embassy will focus on strengthening its communication capacity with various stakeholders, including Australian and New Zealand civil society organisations, as well as the Palestinian community. The Embassy hopes to exchange ideas and views on the role of civil society organisations in supporting justice and peace in Palestine as well as to encourage vibrant discussions on issues related to the Israel-Palestine conflict.

The Embassy is excited to announce the recent launch of its  upgraded website and hopes it will prove to be a useful resource for keeping up to date with the activities of the Embassy and events in Palestine. We endeavor to continue to provide you with documents and information related to the Israel-Palestine conflict, the Palestinian position and international initiatives to achieve a just peace and a two-state solution based on International Law and UN resolutions. 

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