Fees and Payments

Fees and Payments


Consular Services


Fee   (AUS)

General Power of Attorney



/Private Power of Attorney (Wakaleh Khassah)



Power of Attorney for land transaction (Wakalet Takharouj)



/Enduring Power of Attorney for land Transaction (Wakaleh Dawreyeh)

This POA involves a certain fee deducted as a percentage of the   selling price of the property/asset) as follows:


JD1 - JD50,000

Over   JD50,000




Extension of Passport



The certification of testamurs and academic records



 (police clearance) لا حكم عليه

Certificate of Good Conduct حسن سيرة وسلوك






Certification of a Palestinian driving license






Termination of POA



The certification of Commercial documents






Payments for consular services can be through money order, cheque or bank transfer. Money orders or cheques must be made out to: The General Palestinian Delegation.

Payment by electronic transfer:

ANZ Bank

BSB- (012984)

Account No. (495114842)

Branch/ Manuka

ACT 2603, Australia

 If you are making electronic payment insert your name into the Reference section of the EFT transfer and send the General Delegation of Palestine a record of your transaction details. Please note The General Delegation of Palestine does not accept payments by cash. The GDOP will provide you with a receipt of your payment.

Please note that if you are sending a cheque from New Zealand, you will need to include an additional AUS$15 as bank fees.

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