Fees and Payments

Fees and Payments


Consular Services


Fee   (AUS)

General Power of Attorney



General Power of Attorney excluding sale and disposal of immovable assets



"To Whom it May Concern"



/Private Power of Attorney (Wakaleh Khassah)



Power of Attorney for land transaction (Wakalet Takharouj)



/Enduring Power of Attorney for land Transaction (Wakaleh Dawreyeh)



The certification of testamurs and academic records



 (police clearance) لا حكم عليه



Certificate of Good Conduct حسن سيرة وسلوك



Certification of a Palestinian driving license



Certification of a Birth Certificate



Termination of POA



Trade Certification






Payments for consular services can be through money order, cheque or bank transfer. Money orders or cheques must be made out to: The General Palestinian Delegation.

Payment by electronic transfer:

ANZ Bank

BSB- (012984)

Account No. (495114842)

Branch/ Manuka

ACT 2603, Australia

 If you are making electronic payment insert your name into the Reference section of the EFT transfer and send the General Delegation of Palestine a record of your transaction details. Please note The General Delegation of Palestine does not accept payments by cash. The GDOP will provide you with a receipt of your payment.

Please note that if you are paying from New Zealand, you will need to include an additional AU$30 as bank fees.

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