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Social Harmony Iftar Dinner in Canberra

Social Harmony Iftar Dinner in Canberra

09 June 2016 in 2016

Invited by Bluestar Intercultural Center in Canberra, Ambassador Izzat Abdulhadi has participated in the Annual  Bluestar’s Social Harmony Iftar Dinner. Being part of the tradition, this annual event has been co-hosted by Bluestar Intercultural Centre and the Australian Centre for Christianity and Culture. 

Australian officials, Church leaders, parliamentarians, media personalities, senior public servants, academics, diplomats and community leaders were among the attendees.

The theme for this year’s program was “The Art of Living Together”. Professor Andrew Vann, Vice-Chancellor and President of Charles Sturt University will speak at the Iftar.  

The event has been held on Wednesday, 8th of June 2016 at 6:00 pm at the Albert Hall in Canberra.

On this special occasion, the organizers stated that "we celebrate diversity in our harmonious society by coming together for the Muslim Iftar Dinner, which has proven to significantly augment the friendships between Australian Muslims and members of the wider Australian community by encouraging mutual respect, understanding and acceptance as well as advocating unity under the common values of humanity that Australians from a myriad of cultural and religious backgrounds all espouse".

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