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Meeting with Mr Ibrahim Omer MP

Meeting with Mr Ibrahim Omer MP

11 June 2022 in 2022

During his trip to Aotearoa New Zealand, Ambassador Abdulhadi met with Mr Ibrahim Omer, Member of Parliament for the New Zealand Labour Party and Co-Chair of the Aotearoa New Zealand Parliamentary Friendship with the Middle East and Africa Group.

During this meeting, the Ambassador and Mr Omer MP discussed the establishment of an official Parliamentary Friendship with Palestine Group, the latest developments in Palestine, and the necessity for raising Palestinian issues in Aotearoa New Zealand Parliament.

Mr Omer MP is a vocal and important supporter of the Palestinian cause. Mr Omer MP was born in Eritrea and lived for years in UN-run refugee camps before coming to Aotearoa New Zealand. In 2020, Mr Omer MP became the first African Member of Parliament in Aotearoa New Zealand, and the second Member of Parliament to have entered Aotearoa New Zealand as a refugee.

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