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Palestine at the 2024 National Multicultural Festival

Palestine at the 2024 National Multicultural Festival

17 February 2024 in 2024
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The General Delegation of Palestine regularly participates in the National Multicultural Festival, an important annual forum for showcasing and celebrating culture and diversity. This year, the Embassy stall focused on Gaza, showcasing the deep history and cultural heritage unique to Gaza and its people, and their unmatched resilience against Israeli aggression, occupation, and apartheid. The theme, “There was a life in Gaza” does not mean there is no future for Gaza to rebuild and continue its rich contributions to Palestinian culture and heritage.

Practicing and showcasing Palestinian heritage, culture, history, and art is a powerful tool for strengthening Palestinian resilience and steadfastness against the Israeli occupation’s ongoing attempts to erase and destroy the Palestinian people and culture. Palestinian art evolved to portray the struggles and experiences of Palestinians, and is an important component of nonviolent resistance in the Palestinian struggle for liberation, freedom, and justice.

The stall received extremely impressive and encouraging public support for the Palestinian people in Gaza, and for Palestinian rights.

Download PDF Handouts:

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