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Settlement construction more than doubled in 2013

Settlement construction more than doubled in 2013

06 March 2014 in 2014

Israel’s Central Bureau of Statistics revealed in a recent report that a 123 percent rise in construction of settlements in the occupied West Bank, which includes East Jerusalem, relative to 2013. It went on to note that construction of a total of 2,534 settlement units was initiated in the settlements compared to 1,133 units in 2012.

Following the CBS report on settlements, Peace Now issued the following press release:
Today, the Israeli Central Bureau of Statistics released their summary of construction in 2013. The increase in construction starts confirms what Peace Now has been reporting throughout 2013, massive increases in construction in the West Bank. Overall, there was a 123% increase in construction starts in 2013.

The CBS reports that in 2013 construction began on 2,534 housing units. Compared to 2012, which had 1,133 units that began construction. Furthermore, approximately half of the units (1,161) which began construction were for public buildings. In 2012 there were only 113 units for public buildings that began construction.

Peace Now: ”It’s official, the Netanyahu government is committed to only one thing: building settlements. It shows the lack of commitment to negotiations and other issues like the housing shortage inside Israel. The state has focused its resources on construction beyond the green line.”

To view the CBS report click here

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