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In response to Netanyahu-Lieberman's remarks , Erekat: The occupying government must recognize the 1967 border, and immediately begin its implementation of signed agreements

01 June 2016 in 2016

Dr. Saeb Erekat, the Secretary General of the PLO, stressed that the realization of the two-state solution requires an explicit and clear recognition of the 1967 borders, the immediate commencement and implementation of signed agreements, and a commitment to international law, the UN Security Council, the General Assembly, and the Arab...

Palestinian Ambassador: Al Nakba has defined us

16 May 2016 in 2016

The Union of the Palestinian Workers organized yesterday, May 15 in Sydney a function to commemorate  the  68th anniversary of Al Nakba  in Sydney. Ambassador Abdulhadi has delivered an address in the occasion illustrating that " Nakba marks all our lives and it remains with us"

World Bank Report - Israeli Economic Abuse

19 April 2016 in 2016

Amid discussions of a potential royal commission into banking practices in Australia and the revelations of international tax avoidance in the Panama Papers, the World Bank has published a report detailing Israeli economic abuse against the Palestinian people and the Palestinian economy. 

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