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Dr. Erekat: “Once again we warn against the continued attempts to shift the Israeli occupation of Palestine from a political conflict into a religious conflict.”

20 November 2015 in 2015

The Secretary-General of the PLO, Dr. Saeb Erekat, expressed his appreciation for the Swedish Minister of Foreign Affairs, Margo Wallstrom’s remarks Wednesday regarding clarification on the escalated violence and extremism in the Middle East. Dr. Erekat stressed that these statements serve as a path for peace and the restoration of confidence in the international community for their silence of continued Israeli violation of international law endured for decades by Palestinians.

PHROC Welcomes EU Labeling of Settlement Products as a First Step Towards a Ban

13 November 2015 in 2015

In response to Israel’s non-compliance with EU legislation and in line with the EU’s commitment to international law, on 11 November 2015, the European Commission issued its anticipated Interpretive Notice on indication of origin of goods from the territories occupied by Israel since June 1967. This notice essentially aims to ensure that EU member states correctly implement already existing EU legislation on the indication of origin of products. But most importantly, the notice represents a joint EU measure to comply with its legal obligation not to recognise Israel’s unlawful exercise of sovereignty over the Palestinian territory. It is with this intention in mind that the Palestinian Human Rights Organisations Council welcomes the commission notice and call for its full implementation by all the EU member states.

Appeal from Palestinian Medical Relief Society to International Community

13 November 2015 in 2015

Early Thursday morning, Israeli security forces raided the Al Ahli hospital in Hebron and killed a 28-year-old Palestinian man.

IDF plainclothes officers stormed the hospital to arrest Azzam Shalaldah, 20 years old, a patient at the hospital receiving treatment. Israeli forces shot and killed Azzam Shalaldah’s cousin, Abdullah Shalaldah, 28 years old, at the scene. They also arrested Azzam Shalaldah, taking him into custody.

There was no legitimate reason for the extra judicial execution of Abdullah Shalabah.

PMRS condemns the criminal behavior of the Israeli army, which violates international law, human rights and the medical neutrality of hospitals and health institutions.

Celebration of Palestine’s Declaration of Independence, New South Wales Parliament House 11 November 2015

12 November 2015 in 2015

In his speech at the celebration of Palestine's Declaration of independence yesterday at the NSW Parliament House, ambassador of the State of Palestine, H.E. Mr Izzat Abdulhadi said: "Tonight here together, we celebrate the Declaration of Independence proclaimed in 1988. Today in 2015, we recognize all the struggle, all the sacrifices, and the achievements made since 1988.
His Excellency called on the Australian government to join the 140 countries already recognize Palestine as a state, saying: “We all would like to see more political commitment from the Australian government... we’re just waiting for Australia to catch up. It’s in Australia’s strategic interest to join the 140 countries that already recognize Palestine as a state.”

New Zealand: Misguided Israeli-Palestinian peace resolution threatens justice for war crimes

11 November 2015 in 2015

A draft United Nations Security Council resolution prepared by New Zealand which seeks to promote renewed Israeli-Palestinian negotiations by cutting out the International Criminal Court is seriously misguided, Amnesty International said today.

The draft resolution calls on Israel and Palestine to “to refrain from referring… a situation concerning Israel or the Occupied Palestinian Territories to the International Criminal Court.”

Meeting between His Excellency, Ambassador of the State of Palestine Mr. Izzat Abdulhadi and the Australian Parliamentary Joint Standing Committee for Foreign Affairs Defence and Trade

11 November 2015 in 2015

This morning His Excellency, Ambassador Izzat Abdulhadi met with the Australian Parliamentary Joint Standing Committee for Foreign Affairs Defence and Trade to discuss the current situation in Palestine.

His Excellency, called on members of the Joint Standing Committee to uphold Australia’s role as a good international citizen by taking the following actions:

Recognise the State of Palestine,
Support the Palestinian resolutions in the upcoming United Nations General Assembly session by voting in favour of implementing the Fourth Geneva Convention in the OPT and in favour of condemning Israeli settlement expansion in the OPT,
Support the Palestinian call for the Security Council to provide an International Protection Force in Occupied East Jerusalem to protect the Palestinian people from collective punishment, extrajudicial executions and the excessive and disproportionate use of force against civilians by the dominate military power Israel,
Support the Palestinian approach to multilateral diplomacy based on international law, UN Resolutions, human rights and the pragmatic attainment of a two-state solution,
Take immediate action to pressure Israel to cease its excessive use of force and collective punishment,
Use Australia’s friendship with Israel to put pressure on the Israeli state to end its illegal military Occupation, respect international law, recognise the right to self-determination of the Palestinian people and commit to peace through a two-state solution,
Visit Palestine regularly to gain an understanding of the realities in the OPT,
Keep informed regarding the ongoing structures of violence and oppression endured by Palestinians on a daily basis in their struggle for self-determination and basic human rights and freedoms.

Video: Israeli police interrogate 13-year-old accused of stabbing

11 November 2015 in 2015

In video footage obtained by Ma'an, Israeli officials have been captured on film hurling abuse at a 13-year-old Palestinian child accused of stabbing two Israelis in East Jerusalem last month during the child's interrogation.

The footage shows segments of the interrogation of Ahmad Manasra, 13, as Israeli detectives yell curses and verbally abuse the child, while questioning him about the incident and his motives.

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