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Land and Property Transaction

Land and Property Transaction

To apply for a Land Transaction Power of Attorney, select either a specific Power of Attorney (Wakalet Takharouj- وكالة تخارج) or an Enduring Power of Attorney also called )Wakaleh Dawreyeh وكالة دورية -)

Private Power of Attorney (Wakalet Takharouj)     [Cost: AU$225]

Enduring Power of Attorney (Wakaleh Dawreyeh) [Cost: AU$460]

For Powers of Attorney, please supply the following supporting documents:

  • Complete the Consular Service Registration Form (print out and send to us with your application)
  • A cover letter outlining the request for power of attorney
  • A JP-certified copy of the Power of Attorney
  • A copy of the inventory inheritance certificate
  • Up-to-date and most recent (one month old) copy of tittles and property certificates (also called Tabo)(only applicable for the Enduring power of Attorney)
  • A JP-certified copy of the first two pages of the applicant's passport clearly showing the photo, full name and passport number of the applicant
  • A JP-certified copy of another form of photo ID e.g. driving license
  • A copy of the agent’s (الوكيل الدوري) passport. The agent must be authorised to act on the applicant’s behalf.
  • A copy of the buyer’s passport
  • For (Wakalet Takharouj), include payment of $225.00 per document only in the form of a money order/Cheque or money transfer made out to the General Palestinian Delegation.

For money transfer use the following account:

ANZ Bank

BSB- (012984)

Account No. (495114842)

Branch/ Manuka,

ACT 2603, Australia


For more information please contact the Consular section at the General Delegation of Palestine.


Forward these documents to the Consular Section of the General Delegation of Palestine, P.O Box: 4646, Kingston, ACT 2604 using an Australia/NZ Post Express envelope. You must enclose a self-addressed Australia/NZ Post Express envelope, for the return of the documents to the applicant.



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